Simple Tips to Keep Your Laptop Safe

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Simple Tips to Keep Your Laptop SafeA laptop’s portability makes it incredibly useful and easy to take anywhere. However, improper use can cause harm to the laptop and to you. These eight tips should be kept in mind to help you stay productive and safe wherever you take your laptop.

1. Turn It Off – When you’re not using the laptop, shut it down. This keeps it from overheating and wearing the battery down with constant trickle of use and then recharge. It’s especially important to shut it down before sticking it in a bag or sleeve. It can easily overheat even in sleep mode, damaging the CPU and hard drive.

2. Use a Carrying Sleeve – Before you put it in a briefcase or backpack, stick the turned off laptop in a protective sleeve. This provides padding from any unexpected shocks and also protects the ports from any dirt or other items rolling around in the bag.

3. Adjust Power Settings – Set your display brightness to the minimum acceptable levels. This will keep the laptop running longer and cooler. From the Power Options control panel,

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Tips to Keep Your Computer in Tip Top Shape

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Tips to Keep Your Computer in Tip Top ShapeComputer repair can be costly. You’ll probably dedicate hours of your time before you decide to contact a shop that will cost you at least $100 to fix a problem that could have been avoided. Sometimes, hardware fails and you’re out of warranty. It’s not your fault and there was really nothing you could do. However, most of the problems that PC users experience can be avoided through proper maintenance. Here are five tips to keep your computer in shape and prevent a worst case scenario:

Tip #1: Save all the CDs that were provided with your newly purchased computer! This is especially important when buying second hand computers that already have software installed such as Microsoft Office. If ever you need to reinstall your operating system, you will have trouble getting your sound, internet or camera working without the driver software from the CDs. Additionally, you’ll need the product keys you used to register any software you bought. Keep everything!

Tip #2: Backup your important data TODAY. Not tomorrow, not later, not next week. RIGHT NOW is the best

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Laptop Tips Get the Most Out of Your Battery Power

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Laptop Tips - Get the Most Out of Your Battery PowerWhether you’ve bought, borrowed or rented your new laptop – chances are you’ll be taking it on the go. Laptops have revolutionised the way we think about computing; we no longer have to be chained to the desk from 9 to 5, instead we can be on the couch, at a cafe or even in the park and get our work done.

However, if you’re one to always have your laptop with you, chances are you’ll be looking to maximise your battery life. There’s nothing more frustrating than being in the middle of your work and have the battery power on your machine cut out or go into sleep mode.

When it comes to getting the most out of your portable power – here are some tips:

  1. Put it to sleep – set your machine to automatically go to sleep after a short period of inactivity – say 10 minutes or so. Set the laptop to hibernate when the lid is closed.
  2. Dim the lights – the display draws a lot of power so turn down the brightness


Tips on How to Select the Perfect Laptop

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Tips on How to Select the Perfect LaptopTip 1: Know The Purpose Of Your Laptop. In other words, why are you buying a laptop? This is extremely important to know and admit to yourself because different purposes favor different aspects in a laptop. Are you a gamer? Then your going to want a great graphics card and a good amount of RAM (Random Access Memory). Are you a casual at-home user? Then you will want a great battery-life along with some Processor Speed (Ghz). It’s very important to know what you need for your dream laptop.

Tip 2: Choose a Computer Look That fits your style. The best laptop for you is the one that is going to make you squirm by just looking at it. You should pick a color that you either love or a color that fits your personality. Professionals who use there computer for work and profit usually prefer white or gray. Experts who are serious and enjoy showing off their knowledge tend to go for black. More Unique users branch out and purchase red, green, or blue

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Storage Devices For Laptops

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Storage Devices For LaptopsA ‘Spinning Platter’ of a hard disk is said to be best suitable for a desktop PC or a Laptop PC. But the storing capacity is not only said to be the best feature in a hard drive, the disk rotational speed is also aid to make a big difference and so focusing on the drives rotational speed is also important and necessary. Generally a 7200RPM drive speed is said to be the best for delivering high performance and the speed of 5400 RPM is said to deliver faster speed but will consume more power and will affect the battery life.

SSD drives which stand as Solid state drives are said to be the best drives as they do not have moving parts and like the usual drives these hard disks are less prone to damages and movements and also generate very petite amounts of heat. These SSD drives are said to be in the size of a micro SD card which are basically found in the digital cameras and other devices, but are extremely expensive and have less storage spaces. Although they perform in a

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Maintain Your New Laptop

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Laptop - Maintain Your New LaptopNow you just got your great new laptop and you are ready to work with…or play. Congratulations! But getting it is just the beginning and because you spent money on it, doesn’t matter how much, you must ensure that it’s life is going to be as long as possible

For this I present you a few tips to extend your new laptop’s life.

Battery life – we all know that a battery cannot be charged infinitely. So every time you can use a power supply, use it, and take out the battery if it’s charged. And when you are on battery, dimmer your screen to the lowest setting, disable auto bluetooth and WiFi network detection. Best way to dimmer your screen brightness is by creating a power scheme(Control Panel/Power options) for maximum battery.

Save your keyboard and screen – the best way to protect your laptop from dust, sand, or crumbs is an iSkin, which keeps crumbs out from between the keys and also protects the screen from keyboard scratches. You can periodically clean your keyboard with compress air from dust and


How To Take Care Of Your Laptop Computer

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How To Take Care Of Your Laptop ComputerAs the proud owner of a laptop computer, you’ll want to keep your machine in the best possible condition.

Aside from cleaning your screen and dusting the keyboard, however, you’ll need to take a few extra steps to maintain your laptop’s health:

— Play it cool

A laptop computer generates a lot of heat, especially when running the latest high-powered software. Too much heat and you risk damaging the internal circuitry.

Always try to keep your laptop in a well-ventilated, cool environment. And ensure you don’t block the fan grills on the sides, back, or bottom of the machine at any time.

— Handle the screen carefully

Avoid touching or playing with your LCD screen.

Yes, it might be fun to watch the waves generated by your finger against the screen, but LCD displays are fragile devices that must be cared for.

Take care when cleaning the screen too, and use only approved cleaning materials.

You won’t want to pay the money for screen repairs or,

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Tips to Help You Prevent Your Laptop From Freezing

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Tips to Help You Prevent Your Laptop From FreezingLike any other man made thing, laptops are not perfect. It often happens that your laptop will break down, apparently for now reason. But there is always a reason why your laptop crashed or froze. However, because of the complexity of your laptop’s operating system and hardware, the average user can rarely solve the problem. We can’t all be IT experts, can we?

But even though we are not all IT experts, there are some tips that all laptop users should make use of in order to prevent their laptops from freezing. There are some very important aspects that you should always keep in mind when using your laptop. If your laptop happens to freeze, the most common reason is a virus infection. A virus infection can severely damage your laptop’s software and operating system, and some computer viruses can even damage your laptop’s hardware. There are many types of viruses that can make a laptop freeze, including Trojans, Trojan Horses, Trojan Download-ers, Worms, Spyware, as well as many others.

This is why the first and most important tip of

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Tips and Tricks For Mac Laptop Repair

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vsdfvdfvMac laptops are an attractive choice for people who want stylish designs with attractive features. This apple manufactured laptops works on Macintosh operating system. Several users look up to this brand of laptops for purchase. They also suffer from functionality errors. Certain mishandling or operational issues lead to problem in Mac Laptop. Hence, you need to approach a Mac Laptop Repair expert to mend the device.

You can also do the task yourself by following the given below tips:

  1. Firstly, identify the operational issue with the laptop and find the cure for it. Go through mackintosh booklet or Mac lap top repair websites. You can find several laptop repair tips on the Internet. The step by step procedure works effectively for the repair task. You can also take help of a technical expert to identify the laptop repair issue.
  2. You can always use the isolation method to identify the problem with your laptop. This Mac laptop repair method involves removal of one device at a time so that you can note the operation of laptop after detaching the device. If the laptop starts working, then the detached device is


Why Are Laptop Repairs More Difficult Than Desktop Repairs

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Why Are Laptop Repairs More Difficult Than Desktop RepairsComputers, both desktops and laptops, as a general rule are more difficult and costly to repair. In our tech-driven time, it is extremely important to have our computers at our disposal when we need them. This is especially true for laptops, which are designed and made to be portable and convenient for the owner. Taking your laptop into a computer repair shop for repairs is sometimes more expensive than getting a desktop repaired. This is for a very specific reason – laptop repairs are much more difficult than desktop repairs. There is several reasons why this is so.

Parts Replacement

When working with desktops, professionals know that as a general rule parts can be cannibalized from other computers, come from a different manufacturer or brand of desktop and be fairly easy to replace. For example, a fan from a Dell may fit your HP desktop, therefore saving the time and money it takes to hunt down an HP desktop fan if a Dell fan is right there. With laptop repairs, this is not nearly always the case. Because there are

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Why Are Laptop Repairs More Difficult

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Why Are Laptop Repairs More DifficultAnyone knowledgeable enough about computers would tell you that laptop repairs are much more challenging and time-consuming than the corresponding repair procedures for a desktop machine. Which can definitely sound discouraging if you’ve got a laptop that’s suffered some damage and needs to be repaired. Why does it work like that though, and what is it that makes laptops so much more challenging to repair than desktops?

It’s all about their architecture – as well as the way their devices work and are manufactured. The first problem is the dismantling process – taking apart a regular desktop computer is easy and straightforward, you just lift the cover of the box and the internals are exposed to you, ready to have you working on them. All the devices and components are conveniently laid out in front of you, making it easy to reach what you need and modify the parts that bother you. A laptop, on the other hand, has to be opened up in a very specific way – this is different for each manufacturer and model, so you can’t simply know what you


Home Laptop Repair and Upgrade Can a Regular User Do it

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Home Laptop Repair and Upgrade - Can a Regular User Do itIf you are a laptop user, at times you may feel it is not working as well as it is supposed to. Sometimes the laptop may not work at all. This can cause a lot of frustration, especially when your laptop is the main computer you store all of your data on. Home laptop repair is something you may think about because you want your computer back the way it was quickly. Can home laptop repair be done successfully by a regular user?

Yes it can be done, but it helps to be prepared and know a little more than a thing or two about laptops. You may have doubts about it at first. Trying to fix a problem with the fear of wrecking something in the process. Certain laptop problems may seem unrepairable at home, unless you’re a seasoned technician. The truth is you don’t have to be a technician or even certified.

It all starts with learning about your laptop and about laptops in general. You will also need to familiarize yourself with the operating


How to Speed Up Your Old Laptop Instantly

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How to Speed Up Your Old Laptop InstantlyAre you seeking proper repair solutions to your old laptop? And do you want to speed up your old laptop which runs like a snail instantly? If so, I may help you here.

To speed up an old laptop, first you can add more RAM if possible. We know that many old laptops come with 256MB to 512MB of RAM from the factory. Insufficient memory is the first cause for your slow laptop. If you find that your old laptop runs sluggishly desperately, increasing the amount of RAM to at least 1 GB can instantly speed up your old laptop.

Secondly, disable unnecessary startup programs. Too many programs load with Windows will make a new computer to run extremely slowly, needless to say an old laptop. So to repair your slow and old laptop, please disable unnecessary startup programs from System Configuration Utility.

Thirdly, clean up and defragment your hard drive. This is the best and free way for laptop repair. The hard disk space at some extents affects the performance of your laptop. If it is too full or

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Basics on Computer and Laptop Repair

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Basics on Computer and Laptop RepairWith the passage of the days and increase in computer savvy population, there has been a noticeable hike in the demand for computer repair services and laptop repair services. Computers and laptops are hi-tech electronic instruments which can start to malfunction at any point of time.

It is here, where the role of the computer repair service providers and laptop repair service providers come into action. One of the most important reasons of people to usually opt for a laptop rather than a traditional desktop computer is convenience. It can be carried anywhere, anytime. But it may become necessary to seek for a proper laptop repair service provider anytime.

If your computer is facing problems with it’s overall performance and speed, or it is showing some unusual content or displaying pops on screen, or your computer’s home page is changing without your knowledge, then your computer might be infected with virus or spyware. On this occasion, you have to contact computer and laptop repair service provider to install concern antivirus or anti spyware security program on your computer to prevent your computer with


How to Minimize Laptop Repair Requirements

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How to Minimize Laptop Repair RequirementsPeople may not be lugging around laptops as much as they carry around their ubiquitous mobile phones. But, for those who carry it around, it is more important than mobile phones. We are all aware of the amount of data a laptop can hold, and know about the chat and web cam facilities that a laptop provides for its user. It is important that a person’s laptop does not malfunction or lose data, because an out of order laptop can leave its user in a pretty defenseless and vulnerable position. Maintaining a laptop well will minimize the possibility of its breaking down, and will reduce laptop repair needs as well. Though good laptop service is available round the clock, users should ideally maintain their machines well.

The user himself at routine intervals, to increase the efficiency of the laptop, can do some simple things that a laptop service technician might to do to clean up a laptop. One of these is De fragmenting the computer at regular intervals. Every operating system has got a built-in De


Basic Laptop Computer Repair Tips

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Basic Laptop Computer Repair TipsLaptops and netbooks are widely distributed nowadays. Everywhere you look, you can find a person holding his very own laptop. This is because laptops can offer almost everything that a desktop computer could offer with the benefit of saving space plus the advantage of using it anytime, anywhere. As a laptop user, you should also know about laptop computer repair to better care for your unit and save money spent on repair.

Here are some tips for laptop computer repair:

• Create Back Up

Back up is important because it allows you to save important files just in case you have do something that should not be done while trying to repair a laptop. So before you take any further steps for repairing your laptop, make sure you have taken this important action.

• Turn the Laptop Off

Make sure that your laptop is off and unplugged to avoid shock or electrocution. Remove also the battery and the hard disk if there’s a need to disassemble.

• Disassemble When Necessary

Only when it is becomes necessary should you dissemble


HP Laptop Charger Tips on Maintenance

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HP Laptop Charger - Tips on MaintenanceHow is HP Laptop Charger Important?

If you have a HP laptop, then you must be having a HP laptop charger which provides necessary charging to your laptop whenever you are taking your laptop out. Your charger keeps the batteries of your laptop charged and hence is a crucial component which needs to be protected from damage. Your genuine hp charger is important because the branded and genuine chargers come expensive and thus will cost a lot to you if you get them damaged or lost. Thus you should know general tips to handle and maintain the hp laptop charger.

Simple Tips That Can Save Your Charger

The most common mistake we all do with our hp laptop charger is that, we just pull it out from the plug whenever the charging is done, and many a times we do this before even switching off the plug. This has a very bad effect on the junction where your charging cable is connected to the three pin. When you keep on pulling, the contacts


Simple Laptop Maintenance Tips

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Simple Laptop Maintenance TipsApple laptops are popular for its unique style, superb performance and durability. Only disadvantage of such laptop is its price – quite expensive.

Apple has been known to create products that are unique among its competitors in the market. What sets it apart from other computer brands is that they never failed to introduce innovations in its computers and other electric gadgets such as audio players. They are the only computer brand who had thought of making their own operating system to be used in their computers. Their products are often perceived as the fusion of style, performance and durability. Many would comment that apple laptops or apple notebooks are quite expensive yet they don’t know that what they are paying for is worth every penny.

Since it is quite expensive, you should know how to take care of your apple laptops. Though the brand promises to be very durable, sometimes something goes wrong and puff! Before you knew it your precious laptop is already gone. So it is important to always observe caution in using them. Simple maintenance of the product includes:


Important Tips to Note When Repairing Your Laptop

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Important Tips to Note When Repairing Your LaptopLaptops are sweet and endearing when new, but they can be very frustrating when they develop faults. With the cost of laptop repair skyrocketing everyday and even sometimes totaling the cost of a new one, the burden of repairing faulty laptops falls on the owner. Not so many people are quite tech-savvy, but a diligent search on the internet will yield some quality results. However, if you consider repairing your laptop by yourself, there are a few safety precautions which must be observed. This article aims to highlight some of the precautions necessary:

1. Always Ensure you have your laptop’s maintenance and service guide before any repair. You can easily get this on the manufacturer’s website.

2. Use the recommended precision tools such as the right screwdriver. Do not use a bigger screwdriver to loosen your screws as it will damage the screws.

3. For every component of your laptop that you remove, ensure you put the component (with it’s screws) away from the workspace.

4. Search out all screw points are empty including hidden ones before pulling or


How Can I Fix My Laptop

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How Can I Fix My Laptop DIY Laptop Repair“How can I fix my laptop?” is a common question among laptop users. The job is not as hard as the repair personnel might lead one to believe. While individual problems might vary between laptops, some of the problems are common to all makes and models. The answer to the question: “How to fix my laptop” can be found by using a little intellect. This article aims to provide some helpful tips for fixing laptops.

Perhaps the most common problem occurring in all laptops is overheating. It leads to hang-ups, shutdowns and even hardware damage. A very good solution is to purchase an (often) inexpensive laptop cooling pad. Also, if comfortable with the procedure, one can open up the laptop and clear any dust that has accumulated in the cooling system. Dust hinders the cooling system.

Being portable is a blessing and a curse. People have a habit of eating and drinking with their machines. A spill can ruin the keyboard. What to do in this situation? The first thing is to